How You Can Increase Your Website Hits by Using Article Marketing

Article marketing has been around for a long time because it works. It started in print media but is now more often found on the internet. Article marketing is an effective way to drive business to your company’s website and products. A well written and informative article will reflect positively on you and your business.

This will increases peoples trust and willingness to buy your product. You are simply using articles to advertise you and your product. When writing for printed media you need to make sure you include a bio and by-line that directs people to your business. Online article marketing is actually highly effective.

Using articles to advertise online can reach many more people than most printed media. You still want to have a bio and by-line to give yourself and your company credibility. However it is even easier to bring people to your website using back links. This means that there are links within the article directly to your home page or product. Articles used for marketing need to be targeted to a specific market.

You get the target markets attention with the article and that will bring them to your website. You want a focused article to reach a specific market that is most likely to buy your product or service. There is no point in getting a lot of hits to your website if it is not people actually interested in your product or service. The great part about using articles to advertise is that they can be focused to sell a single product or service to a specific market. Then directs people to where they can purchase that product or service. You can use any number of articles to target different segments of your market.

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Article Marketing – Online Business Solutions Using Article Marketing

The success of online business depends on the kind of promotional activities being used to make the business popular. Article marketing helps immensely in this direction. It provides you with these important attributes to be successful: creating informative content, enabling target traffic to your business, relationship building with the readers, and direct marketing activities.

Internet without content and articles is unimaginable. When you go for article marketing you continuously keep updating your content and providing valuable information about your online business to as many readers as possible. Next step is to submit your work to as many popular forums and directories. These forums and directories are crucial towards sending the target traffic to your online business. The result you will be getting will help you immensely in the long run as your content will always be available to all visitors to these forums and directories. The potential to drive more traffic each time cannot be ruled out.

Once you have people interested in what you offer invite them back to your site in order to provide more information in exchange for their email address. Promise them of more useful content from your end in the future. Apply direct strategies and reach out to as many users as possible with your content. Compile your work in form of eBooks and supply the same to your target audience.

Another important thing is to become an expert in your field of business. By posting new and informative content each time and continuously updating your work will ensure that you become an expert in your field of work. The potential customers you had identified will now be able to trust you and the established author tag will go a long way in making the customers purchase from you.

Do you want to learn how I build a list and make money online? I’ve just finished writing a brand new FREE ebook called ’7 Steps to Profits and List Building with Article Marketing’.

When Reviewing a List of Multilevel Marketing Companies – How to Decide

The list of multilevel marketing companies is so huge, how you decide? Of course, every mlm claims to be the best mlm, some of them have mlm “software”, and of course every mlm has the best compensation plan and products. So how do you decide? You can got to to see how much web traffic each get. They also have a huge list of multilevel marketing companies. Or you can contact the companies directly which will get you biased information and calls from persistent and hungry distributors. So how do you decide?

First off, the company you join isn’t the most important factor, believe it or not. Don’t join a company if you don’t like the product, but WHO you join can have the biggest impact on your success. It is crucial that you join somebody that will take a personal interest in helping you grow your business. It is OK to join somebody who is brand new in an mlm company as long as they are open to using marketing methods other than making lists of friends and family.

The person that can help you the most is the mlm entrepreneur who treats it like a business and can show you how to immediately start building your own list of leads. You can generate your own leads by using simple online tactics that attract prospects to you. This is done via pay per click, video marketing, article marketing and other methods. Direct response marketing has proven to be a low cost effective way of generating new leads for your multilevel marketing business every day.

As you compile your list you want to communicate with your potential distributors and customers with an automated email campaign where you control the flow of information they get. Your main objectives in doing this is to brand yourself as somebody that can help them succeed in mlm and prompting them to take action to learn more about your opportunity and eventually call you directly.

Once you get good at this, you will sponsor new reps on a regular basis while avoiding rejection by wasting your time speaking with people who don’t care about your mlm business. So while you review the ever expanding list of multilevel marketing companies, keep in mind that there are people out there who can show you proven marketing strategies that can help you avoid failure and frustration.

Network Marketing – The Path to Financial Freedom

In 1992 I was introduced to the concept of Network Marketing. This is after I had graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration and Finance. I had been raised in the world of linear income. If you work you get paid. If you don’t work, you don’t.

Network Marketing was a foreign concept to me and as I studied the principles more it became clear that it was nothing more than a marketing and sales channel for companies to very efficiently bring their product and service to the end user.

In a normal company they advertise and market their product or service with advertisements which are an upfront cost with no idea whether it will bring sales and revenue. In the case of the business I am in, the wireless industry, Sprint or any of the big 3 companies will spend millions of dollars of their budget to produce Television, Print and Radio ads to bring customers in and generate revenue.

In a Network Marketing company the marketing costs are paid at the point of sale to the rep or distributor. All of the reps are 1099 employees with no benefits and are considered all small business owners. The company wins because they do not have to hire thousands of sales people with 401k’s, health insurance and other benefits. The reps win because they can take advantage of having their own small business and will pay taxes after all expenses are taken out of their business income. Expenses like cell phones, meals, vacations while conducting business, computers, internet, cable, small office deductions, car expenses, etc.

This completely lines up with Robert Kyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. In his book he describes the four quadrants of earning money: Earned or Employee Income/Business Income/Passive Income/Portfolio Income.

Earned or Employee Income has a flaw. Taxes are taken off the top and the earnings are linear, you earn when you work. Earned income has no leverage.

Business Income is better because you pay your taxes AFTER you subtract out your expenses. Those expenses can be made up of many of your normal expenses you pay for anyway.

Passive Income is even better in that you are leveraging your Time and Effort. A good friend of mine just sold his chemical business for millions of dollars. He had a Team of Salespeople who sold for his business and he paid them a 10% commission. They sold large amounts of chemicals to their customers in the oil business. He suggested to them that they individually hire people under them to sell chemicals and pay them 5% and keep the other 5% for themselves. This concept would leverage their efforts and still allow them to earn 10% for their own customers. His example is direct sales and has a few professional sales people selling large quantities of a product.

In Network Marketing you are recruiting a Team of many people who are not professional sales people. They are people looking to make extra income and who understand the concept of Network or Referral marketing. In Networking you build a Team of many people who purchase the product or service and then refer others in the opportunity to do the same or they sell the product or service to customers. When the product or service is used every month and you develop a large Team you leverage your time and effort and build a stream of residual income.

In Direct Sales you have a Team of a few selling large amounts. In Networking you have a large number of people selling small amounts, according to their own drive and desire to succeed. In Direct Sales if you don’t produce you get fired. In Networking you never get fired, can work as much or as little as you like and can work your business around your life and other activities.

There are many people who will scoff and tell you that it doesn’t work and I would completely disagree. I have met many people who have made millions of dollars in the Network Marketing business. I have two people in my business who have made several million dollars in income and they started with a small investment ( a few hundred dollars) and the desire to create a better life for themselves.

I myself started with no knowledge, not much money and no benefit of cell phones, internet or computers and built a Team of 1,000 people back in the early 90′s. I was earning $3,000 per month net which at the time was almost my salary as a Navy FA-18 fighter pilot.

If you are looking for a business that you can be proud of please take a look a serious look at a Network Marketing business to fuel your financial freedom and your life.